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Trimming the Details

For anyone who has a deep love of architectural detail like me, this post is for you especially if you do not want to break out the power tools!

From childhood, I found myself looking the most forward to details in homes that gave them their charm. Oh, How I have dreamed of having a French Pied-à-Terre. For now, I have found that I can have a little bit of that visual interest throughout my home. My bedroom was one of the rooms in my home that always looked like it was missing something. The walls painted all one color felt cold and lacking. When considering the option of wallpaper, it felt like it could end up looking too ‘busy’ in what I decided I wanted to be a calming space. I started to do my research to see what cost-effective options I could do that would add subtle interest. I kept coming across photos of european beautiful architecture with stunning walls adorned in trim and knew I wanted that for my home. It is rather budget-friendly and easy to do (with a decent amount of patience) and an incredibly effective way to decorate your walls and add visual interest.

I started with either just searching Parisian architectural moulding or searching on Pinterest. There are so many options to give countless ideas and inspiration. Once I figured out a few designs that I liked, I taped them off on the wall to make sure I liked how it fell. Below are some ideas of the many pictures I found to be so inspiring.

If you are on a budget like I was, don't let that stop you. You can add in the trim subtly to give just enough touches of your inspiration.





The Process

A. Decide on your spacing by looking at your ceiling height and figuring out the distance between whatever you will want your lowest and highest point to be. This could be your ceiling crown moulding to floor baseboards or maybe you are doing a chair rail height.

B. Make all your cuts using the 45 degree angle using your miter shears.

C. Start at the bottom of the vertical molding, keeping the molding in place from where you marked its height.

D. Remove the wall side of the bottom-most piece of double-sided tape.

E. Align the molding with the level, holding them vertically parallel together, and place the molding against the wall, pressing firmly to make sure it sticks.

F. Move upwards to the next piece of tape and repeat the above process. *You will need a ladder for highest parts of the molding.

G. The horizontal pieces are easy once the above process has been completed. We measured the width (they should all be the same), cut the pieces, leveled and mounted.


Have fun turning your space into its own charming piece of the world.



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