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Elements that Elevate Your Coffee Table

Here are some tips for styling a coffee table:

Create visual interest with varying heights. Stack books, use tall vases or candleholders, and mix in shorter items like bowls or trays. Group items in odd numbers like 3 or 5 for a pleasing, asymmetrical look

Incorporate textures. Use a variety of materials like wood, metal, ceramic, glass, etc. to add depth and contrast. Layer items like a wooden tray on top of a stack of books.

Add life with greenery. Fresh flowers or potted plants instantly liven up a coffee table. Use tall vases or sculptural branches for height.

Make it functional. Include items you'll actually use like coasters, remote caddies, or game boards.

Tell a story. Display travel souvenirs, family heirlooms, or collections that reflect your personality and interests.

Use trays or boxes. Corral smaller items on a tray or in a box to create attractive vignettes. This also makes it easy to clear the table when needed.

For a round table, create a focal point in the center with a tray, bowl, or stack of books surrounded by other items. For rectangular tables, divide the space into thirds with groupings at each end.

Happy Styling!


Élevé Design Collective

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