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Staging vs. Design!

Who thought staging and design are the same thing? Well.... you are on to something! While they are very different with different end goals, it takes the very same skills to accomplish the task. Let's dive deeper so we understand what I mean.

Home staging by definition is hiring a professional to come into a residential / commercial space with an objective to make it more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. How many of you remember the movie Leap Year?! If you haven't seen it btw... it's such a feel good movie!!! That was maybe the first time I realized how cool being a stager could be, or as she was called a "Rental Dresser". If only it was as easy as Amy Adams makes it look when she tells the real estate agent to put cookies in the oven and there will be offers shortly. All this as she makes her exit with her high heels clicking away out the door of the stunning Boston Apartment. It's about as unimaginable as walking through a field of cattle in those Louboutin!

Let's not be fooled! If only we could look so chic while we work. Now, the truth in that scene is that cookies DO remind a buyer of home and can absolutely do the brain some good only after much work and creativity has accompanied the space.

So here is the real difference between home staging and design. You have hired a professional to come into a space you are trying to leave. The goal in mind is to make the space memorable and different from anything else you have seen. You want the space in the end to feel like something that will connect with buyers. This can be a difficult concept for some because they can't understand a different look other than what the space has been for them. In the end, you have to trust the process so the buyer can feel relatable to the space and the price point. We love to work with product that the client already owns as often times a fresh set of eyes on the space can provide a completely different look and feel all while using existing pieces.

We recently worked on a project with a client who owned the most beautiful ranch. She had complete trust in the process and the end result was perfect! While we knew this home was our clients 2nd home, the idea was also to make it rentable to the public. Our first task was to study the clients and what makes them tick. We not only wanted to fully embrace the location of the home and let our design be inspired by that, but also to design for the expectations the home will need to provide.

This was a perfect example of interior design meets stager.

With interior design, you are hiring a design professional to come into your home and design the space for you with your interest. We want to know what inspires you and what you want your home to feel like. At that point you can share inspiration images ( Pinterest boards) and convey your expectations! We will source items from furniture to accessories everything in between to bring your vision to life.

Check out our website and contact us to get started! We are so excited to meet you!

Élevé Design Collective

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