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When Life Feels Heavy…Declutter!

This post is all about taking that New Year optimism that hopefully is still present and bringing it home. Starting the New Year with goals and objectives is easy. We write lists, sign up for memberships, and speak of all our objectives with eternal optimism. At some point, life takes charge and we lose momentum.

Instead of big picture focusing, let's start with the exact space that can help drive you or... take you down. Your home! Doesn't our whole mood and mindset immediately start from home?!

Pick what stresses you out. Decide to take this space head on by committing to making one improvement in your home to make you feel better.

Here are some examples in a clients home where we incorporated existing pieces with new to provide a refresh perfect enough to breath fresh new life!



  1. Set a realistic goal and map out a timeline, budget and plan to have it 100% complete before the end of the month. Do not make yourself believe it will be a complete renovation of a space. Maybe this will be to refresh and reconfigure a main living space. Sometimes it's setting the small goals and completing those that motivates the larger challenges.

  2. Whatever area is being worked on examine everything in it and around it. Be ruthless about editing your space. If your plan is to tackle organizing a closet, you will want to take out every single item and line it all up on a table or the floor so you know exactly how much you have and can easily see how much you need to get rid of.

  3. Just examining things around your home can easily alter the vibe of a space by reconsidering what is in each room, and what may serve you better or be more functional or enjoyable in another space. You don't need a large sum of money to enhance a space. Sometimes it's as simple as shopping your home.

In the same way that you change the type of clothes you wear seasonally, you should also consider changing soft goods and other items in your home.

We love to transform a space with something as little as bringing in new accessories or as much as incorporating a fresh new piece to pull that missing link together.

Let our team help you with either a design board refresh or a complete redesign.







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