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New Year, New Point of View

Updated: Mar 15

While this topic can have a take on various aspects of our lives, this post covers those areas you can’t seem to take your eyes off of.

For whatever reason we tend to hold back on making changes. We can come up with a million reasons why we just don't have the time. In the society we live in today, we are always told to make ourselves happy and that happiness needs to be quickly attained. Larger goals for happiness can mean eating healthier, purchasing that gym membership, taking more vacations or personal time to reset. Those goals are amazing but quite often what is overlookef are the very things that are right in front of you all along. We are here to tell you that making yourself happy can often times start with something as little as changing your Point of View.

No, I am not talking about your Point of View on specific topics that seem to plague our everyday lives. I am talking about that POINT OF VIEW in your home that has been driving you crazy. Maybe it is a simple side table or console that is just an eye sore, or it could quite possibly be a whole room that you have been trying to find the time to get to. Large scale or small-scale additions can bring the exact change you need.

We understand the task of planning it out can be quite cumbersome. Rather than let the desire come like fleeting moment, look at your home like a great romance. We need to be in love with the spaces we create. That love can grow and change through a lifetime but, the most common theme in all of those individual romances (looks) is how they make you feel.

We love the challenge of breathing new life into a space that has fell flat and needs direction. Regardless of whether you have an endless budget or limited means, let our team review your space and design a look that will make you fall in love all over again.

Before Refresh of Outdoor Space

After of Outdoor Refresh

Child Bedroom Refresh After

Adding Console and Mirror to Large Wall


Élevé Design Collective

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