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Living In The In-Between

This post is all about living in the in-between. Yes! We are talking about the life of a Renter. At some point in everyone's life, they likely will have rented an apartment or home. Maybe this choice was due to your very first "On Your Own" experience in college, getting married or moving for a job. Regardless of the circumstances, one thought plagues our minds. "How can we make this space not feel like a stranger?"

Why do we allow ourselves to believe that a rental is not worth the effort? I am a strong believer in the power that interior design has on our emotional state. Understandably, there are a few factors involved in that statement, because... each person is different. Are you the type that functions in chaos or do you need a space to feel tidy before the day can begin. In any effect, too often we think that a space simply doesn't have the ability to feel personal because it is temporary. How tragic to believe that thought. Sometimes a rental can turn into a space you lived in much longer than what was initially planned or quite possibly, "Are we all living in a rental state of mind in our forever homes?" I digress as we will address that in another post. Either way, your space, even in a temporary state should evoke a simple penchant for style. 

Take inventory of what you have to work with in your space. Existing pieces are always the first step to making that in between feel more like home. A caveat to that would be that this is also the perfect time to go through what you have and possibly say goodbye to those items that you have accumulated over time. Don't be afraid to ask for help! This is where we come in as an outside perspective. Our home staging a la carte service is a great option for someone wanting to figure out their space using existing pieces but struggle to decide on what should stay and what should go. An edit of inventory if you will!

Next is the Fun Part! After figuring out what spaces the existing pieces will go in, you can introduce other options such a peel and stick wallpaper, command hooks for art, photos and textiles, mounting tape for decorative trim and mouldings, rugs or peel and stick tile flooring, etc.

Tip 1:

Command Hooks and Strips: If you are hesitant to put holes in the walls, these handy guys are a great way to achieve a well designed home without all the work that comes after with patching and hole repair. Keep in mind, certain pieces or art or even mirrors above a nightstand can simply lean creating the same beautiful effect of completion. Remember to look at the weight limit when purchasing to ensure that you purchased the right ones for the job at hand.

Tip 2: 

There are so many options for wallpaper these days that are easily removable if your landlord or homeowner is not crazy about you leaving this behind. Gone are the days of assuming that wallpaper has to mean that someone must have money if they have wallpaper. Choose an accent wall and watch the space transform Amazon has some fantastic options for removable wallpaper that will dress up any space!

Tip 3:

Rugs can define a space and are the whole starting point for the feel of the room. Always start with the rug and build around that. It will set the mood for clean and classic, bold and modern, vintage and timeless or boho and wonderlust. We love Amazon and Wayfair!

Tip 4: 

Artwork. The resources are endless for inexpensive artwork. Etsy is a favorite for inexpensive prints that when placed in frame can create a gallery wall for all to admire.

Tip 5: 

Ambient Lighting: To create a cozy or moody vibe, sconces are fantastic. As an alternative to hiring an electrician and hardwiring a sconce, these handy lights come with a remote and offer that look of a true functioning sconce without all the work. We have these in our living rooms from Amazon and they have added the perfect detail to complete the ambiance of a cozy home.

Happy Designing You Fabulous Renters!


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