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It’s All About the Bling

Does anyone remember that line in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where Matthew McConaughey says "Ladies, Frost Yourselves!" Well, we aren't exactly talking about that frosting. This post is all about your homes little jewels. Yes, we are talking about the hardware! The knobs and pulls in all their glory. Hardware is easily one of our favorite ways to elevate a space. It is such an effective way to dress up inexpensive cabinetry and make them feel so expensive by investing in nice hardware!

Let's dive into the topic. With hardware options being plentiful and finishes adding an extra element to the decision making, you can really have a lot of fun. In general, one would use knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers. An interesting little spin on the obvious would be to use knobs on the top drawer and pulls on the rest for a slightly more eclectic look. 

Style-wise, we love the ball shaped knob for its simplistic elegance. It's refined appearance lends to timeless beauty. With that being said, we suggest playing around with various styles against your cabinets. Paint colors can really dictate if you want to go shiny versus matte or bright versus aged. Brass and polished nickel look amazing with warmer tones. Brass in smaller elements can look great but in larger pieces can be quite expensive to get the solid quality. Polished nickel can be a better option as it patinas well and is much more cost effective.

While gold is so traditional and you really can't go wrong with that selection, we are also a proponent of mixing metals. Lay out your options and have fun with it. Remember to not let yourself get lost in the feeling of matching sets. The most stylistically designed spaces inspire the imagination to run wild with variety.

Here is a good before and after.

All items used are linked below from Amazon:

For those homes that lean more modern, a fun option would be acrylic pulls.

Not only does style make a difference, but placement can speak to the individuality of your design as well.

How fun is this!

The options are truly endless, particularly on large drawers and pantry cabinets. Lastly, always always go for a long, oversized handle on a pantry door. We love the look of a long brass handle on a pantry door!!!

Above all else, functionality is what it is about at the end of the day. Design your space to make sense for your life.

To get the placement of those holes just right, we use the hardware template below. It's on Amazon for under $10!


Élevé Design Collective

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