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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Our homes are a visual story that depicts who we are as a person or as a family. The idea that you can walk through the front door and be on a journey of your life through objects you collect from travel, family heirlooms or those items that hold special memories are so meaningful and impactful. We want our homes to evoke the same emotion upon sight that could be captured in a photo. 

This introduces the idea of gallery walls which have become increasingly popular over the years as a way to display your own personal memories. We have likely always seen them used by our parents growing up to showcase their children's photos or family. The more modern day spin on those moments are those who prefer to create a curated collection of pieces that can be an inspiring combination of photos, art, favorite quotes or small objects. 

The ways to approach a gallery wall can be endless. Museums often make the outer perimeter of the whole wall a symmetrical shape allowing for a linear design, keeping your wall works within the border. This keeps your design looking clean without having to worry about the fuss of strict lines. For those not wanting to surrender their uniform and meticulous ways, you can utilize rows and columns as more of a grid design. 

Here are a few rules to follow:

  1. Create something that is personal to you. This is meant to tell your story.

  2. Layout your space on the floor before you hang it so that you have a basis for how you want to place your photos/art. You will need to space your pieces 2 -3 inches apart. If you are creating a gallery of various size pieces, you will place the largest item in the center. This allows you to work around giving an even surrounding distribution.

  3. Choose things that fall into a similar complimentary color palette for the space they are going in. Don't let this limit you to only framed art. Bringing in objects can offer texture and dimension. Mixed media is always a fun way to liven up your space with textiles, photos and art.

  4. Utilize frames with tones and textures that create a cohesive vibe.

  5. Lastly, don't hang your gallery too high. You want to be able to see your pieces without having to break your neck. The typical suggestion is approximately 6 inches above any piece placed underneath such as consoles, sideboards or sofas.

Tools your will need:

Tape Measure


Command strips (based on weight limit)




Have fun designing!!

XX- Élevé

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