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Creating Your Oasis

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

There are those that feel that they have always been connected to their own sense of style. You know who I’m talking about. Those individuals who are effortless in their fashion sense, their home décor or even the simplicity at which they wear their makeup. Then, there are those who try as they may, are left feeling like their journey has been an endless road of confusion consisting of online buying and “that’s not what it looked like in the picture”. For every purchase that made you smile, there were three behind it that were questionable. It ends up all coming down to a lack of patience.

Most commonly, this happens when we get our own space. We become so excited to get it decorated that the impatience causes rash decisions. I am guilty of this same lack of impatience. While certain situations may require an expectation to compromise, always trust your gut.

When I decided to paint my master bedroom years ago it was a quick decision based off the fact that I could not fall in love with the peach color that was selected for the entire house. It was certainly not giving me the warm and cozies. The builder grade pre-selected color that took little thought. I knew I was searching for something different.

My first intuition was I knew I liked neutrals and selected a beautiful and what I assumed was a thoughtful decision in going for a darker gray that would be easier on the eyes. After consideration and compromise, I selected Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Unfortunately, the end result fell flat and disappointment set in. It didn't give my room the same feeling I felt when looking at pictures. Little did I know then, lighting plays such a big part in how colors can create your space. I felt like I was living in a dark gray room that I couldn’t identify with.

Fast forward and I was ready to make a change. I had been inspired by an image on Instagram of this beautiful bedroom full of rich velvet cognac shades mixed with a hue of pale blue on the walls. I was IN LOVE with this palette. It was completely opposite of everything I felt drawn to in the past and I absolutely adored that idea. Gone was the feeling of needing to keep everything white and cream and gray. I welcomed the concept of creating my oasis full of rich deep tones.

I opted for the color Light Blue created by Farrow and Ball for my walls. This color is absolutely STUNNING while still giving the serene and cozy feel I was craving. From there, inspiration set in to bring in some extra drama by adding trim on my walls and painting that in the same color. The end result was a beautifully simplistic look that I can certainly cozy up in.

I am still in progress in this room, but this start has me feeling so excited and inspired for the rest of the space to come together! I can’t wait to share more as everything unfolds.



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