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Changing the Misconception of Children’s Room design

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Decorating a child's bedroom can be a very controversial topic. Are you the parent who embraces the wishes of rainbows and spaceship decals, bedsheets and stuffed animals in all its glory? Or, have you struggled with the idea of how to make your childs room not be the one you want to shut the door to when you come home?

To many, especially those personalities who feel the need to be a little more in control of a situation, it can feel overwhelming and challenging. How does one create the existence of this type of space while still understanding this is an extension of your home? From a little girl, my mom created a space that felt like a princess room without screaming it from the rooftop with character bedding. Toys always had a place which was never eternally all over the floor. I was raised hearing, “I want to be able to look down the hall with the doors open and see beautiful spaces.” Now, some may argue that she did not allow me to exercise my creativity. That couldn't be farther from the truth. As an adult, I could not be happier with the rules she instilled in me. It was something far more valuable than I could have realized. I was given the ability and encouraged to create as any child would. The catch was, I wasn't raised in a home with endless space. I was raised in a home where space needed to be used wisely. With that being said, my mom curated a room that was full of soft, lush bedding and a coordinating color palette to give the feel of a princess room while also creating storage so that those items with a very lively presence stayed tucked away. End result, a peaceful and put together room that you are happy to keep the doors open for.

As someone who loves design, when tasked with creating a space for a 9 year old boy, we happily accepted the challenge. We wanted this bedroom to feel like a reflection of this child's interests and who he is with subtle nods. We have encountered those that think that by taking the reins, you are not allowing the child the ability to express themselves. I challenge those individuals to take it from a different stance. Rather than picking large decals for their wall and vibrant character bedding, allow them to be a part of the process. Ask them to help select a color that they would like to see on their walls. Order some wallpaper samples that you like, and have them be a part of the narrowing of the selection process. This allows them to feel included and happy with the room they helped create.

The immediate thought in designing this 9 year old boys room was to bring in elements that describe his little personality in a warm and inviting way. The color palette was selected with that sentiment in mind. Warm mixes of soft grays with various shades in the brown family created just that. From early on, I realized that he loves to tell stories illustrated through his artwork. It was important to develop a space that would nurture his creativity. I love to play around with a mixture of new and vintage pieces collected. It feels as though the space tells a story before you enter the room. Pairing a vintage desk with old books and an old chair with the accent color of navy blue helped do just that.

For the bed, I was really feeling the rich shades of cognac and mocha to complete the look. Playing with a mixture of solids and patterns in pillows can add visual interest to any space. We love how the pillows coordinated with the rug in a fun play on plaid. Adding trim molding to the accent wall and vintage inspired items to accessorize the nightstands tell such an adorable story. We hope this bedroom is the perfect setting to inspire many sweet dreams ahead. 

XX- Élevé

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