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Can You Ever Really Forgive, If You Can't Forget?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

While some may say the question that is posed can seem a little too dramatic, we all know that when it comes to design there are some moments we would truly love to forget.

There can be a multitude of reasons why we have made the choices we have made in design. Many times, when you finally escape the rules of your bedroom in your parents house and get to spread your wings in your first ever space, we can attest to thinking in that moment that we have our decorating sense IN THE BAG.

Maybe for some, your first true test was your dorm room at college. The excitement of picking out all the fun things that scream I’m not a child anymore but I don’t have to think quite like an adult just yet. Whether on a budget or you had the world financially at your fingertips (through parents wallets of course), this was probably the first little reality check into space planning. I assume that most of us didn’t have that famous grandmother, Mrs. Gilmore, to decorate our dorm room to look like a proper hotel suite. Wow, did they have some of us fooled though. A person can only dream.

Maybe, it was when you got your first house. Or, was it when you learned that sharing is caring when you crossed that threshold of holy matrimony. Not only are you trying to figure out your style and what speaks to you, but you are having to also learn how to make your home feel like an expression of your self as a couple. We have all made the mistake of going too chunky with the furniture or not taking into concern your space requirements. Most commonly, the phrase “I love it so I bought it” or “I can make that work some where” has come out of our mouths a time or two. We have all been there admittedly.

Our goal is to take you on the road of transformation. Whether you are in a larger space or small we are all faced with the same questions which can be boiled down to a few main objectives. What is your style / what is it that inspires you and what is your budget?

Let us remember, if not for the faux pas, we wouldn’t have those funny pictures to look back on!



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